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Our company is a family business created in 2006.

Funded for Trading and Marketing Started the vision of Mr. / Younis Funda founder of Funded Foundation for Trade and Marketing to provide the local market of restaurants and factories and cover their needs of chicken breasts and boneless chicken in addition to chicken and full section With the development of the success of the work in the local market, the Foundation started to open export markets to various Arab, Asian and African countries, where the Foundation received the King Abdullah II Award for Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship in 2009. With the increase of work and demand establishment of the establishment of a meat cutting and processing plant in addition to the manufacture of frozen and frozen meat with an area of ​​5000 square meters equipped with the highest technology and global technology for the manufacture of meat machinery and equipment Jordanian and International Standards Company Products: Processed meat from poultry: Full boneless chicken (shawarma) • Chicken pieces 8 pieces and 9 pieces • Chicken breast without bone and skin • Chicken Wings • Whole chicken drumsticks • Chicken upper thigh • Chicken thigh bottom • Mechanically boneless chicken Frozen Meat: • Chicken shawerma marinated and ready for barbecue • Soft chicken breasts • Marinated chicken breast • Marinated chicken thigh BBQ Chicken Wings • Chicken Fajita • Shish Tawook Chicken • Chicken section 8 pieces and marinated • Chicken section 9 pieces and marinated Meat chilled • Mortadella of all kinds Pack of 2.5 kg - Pack of 900 grams - Pack of 450 grams o Mortadella slices • Frankfurter • hot dog • sausage o Breakfast breakfast o Chorizo o Sausage o Sausages • Smoked and cooked roast o Smoked chicken roast o Roast cooked chicken o Roast smoked turkey o Roast turkey cooked o Slice of smoked turkey meat o Smoked beef slices

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